• Medical MRI Shielded Room Power Filter

    • Filcoil is the leading supplier of MRI room ac power line filters in the US. Filcoil has been the market leader for over 20 years.
    • We offer complete solutions including MRI/MRA room filters, Telephone filters, Fire alarm filters, and Ethernet filters.
    • Filcoil filters are designed is the US to meet Mil-Std0220A and are UL applreved. They are spectially designed for the rapidly expanding medical MRI field.
  • UL Listed Facility Filters Per UL Safety Specification 1283

    • Filters are listed per UL specification #1283
    • Temperature Range: Operating -55°C to +85°C
    • Enclosures are made from cold rolled steel with continuously welded seams
    • Filter ground path connecting surfaces shall be tin plated or stainless steel
    • Conduit hubs or clearance holes may be provided if specified when ordering
    • Each phase filter is individually removable
    • Internal filters are filed with a non-flammable impregnant and hermetically sealed
    • Legs for floor mounting may be provided if specified when ordering
    • Filters for 300AMP and up have 6” x 2” mounting U-Channel
  • Series FCHS- HEMP Single Individual Filter Elements

    • CURRENT RATING: The filters shall be capable of withstanding 140% of rated current for 15 minutes without any deterioration.
    • INSERTION LOSS: The filter shall provide the specified insertion loss of 80 db minimum over its indicated frequency range when measured in accordance with the applicable MIL-STD-220C by a government approved laboratory.
    • VOLTAGE: The filters shall be capable of operating continuously at full- rated voltage and of withstanding an initial voltage test of twice the rated voltage for one minute.
  • Filters for RF Power Line Assembled Cabinet for shielded rooms and secure areas (Tempest Application)

    • FC 00-W: 100dB attenuation from 14 kHz to 10 GHz measured per MIL-STD-220A full load
    • FC 00-X: 100dB attenuation from 14 kHz to 10 GHz measured per MIL-STD-220A full load. SPECIAL: Measured from 14 kHz to 20 MHz under full load condition with extended range buffer network
    • HIGHLIGHTS : High reliability. Special design and construction developed for secure communication areas, tempest shielded rooms. Designed for many years of continuous fail free service. All filters are field replaceable. Refer to Accessories Section (Page 21) for Filter Discharge Units FC-10,000 Series Refer to Page 20 for Power Factor Correction Coils.
  • RF Power Line Penetration Filters for shielded enclosures (FCP-11, -12, -22, -23)

    This series  of Power Line Penetration Filters can be mounted through the outer wall of a shielded enclosure. The filters are RFI secure and supplied with threaded nipple. Filters supplied with bleeder resistor to prevent shock hazard.

  • Power Line Filters : QPL Listed to MIL-F-15733

    • All units are rated 125VAC, 400VDC, 0-400Hz
    • Operating Temperature Range: -62°C—+85°C
    • Temperature Rise: 25°C
    • Maximum Voltage Drop: 0.5V
    • Units rated less that 10A supplied with solder lug terminals
  • RFI/EMC Filters 25 to 200 AMP FCL-11, -110, -14, -140, -112

    The filter herein described shall be designed for filtering of radio frequency interference and to meet the requirements of Military Specifications MIL-F-15733, where applicable. These filters may be used with other electrical devices to enable the devices to meet the requirements of MIL-I-26600, MIL-I-16910. MIL-I-6181, MIL-I-11748, MIL-STD-461, 462, 463, FED-STD-222 and FCC Specification Part 18. Also, DCA specifications and others developed for special equipment and systems applications

  • RFI/EMC Filters 5, 10 & 15 AMP FCL-55

    High reliability, units are hermetically sealed; terminals are made of high temperature ceramic; complies with MIL-F-15733, where applicable. For world wide use, these filters are available mounted in (UL) steel plated cabinets with standard knockouts for installation in all types of wiring.


  • RFI/EMC Filters 5 to 300 AMP FCL-66, -660

    • Reliable. Low price. Hermetically sealed.
    • Filter case is metallic and plated to prevent corrosion.
    • Fil-Coil FCL-66 Series Filters are designed for low level interference. Objective is low cost, without compromising the quality and workmanship of the filter.
    • FCL-66 and 660 Series Filters are used in screen rooms, medical apparatus, induction heaters and other noise generating equipment.
    • See page 17 for installation.
  • RFI/EMC Filters Accessories FCL 55, -66, -660 Series

    • RFI/EMC filters contain large , high quality capacitor sections which can store dangerous charges of electrical energy long after the main source of electrical power has been turned off.
    • All filtered circuits and power supply lines can present a serious hazard to personnel and equipment unless filter capacitors are properly and safely discharged.
    • The capacitor discharge device is a mandatory safety requirement under NEC 460 and NEMA Standard 11-17-1960
  • RFI/EMC Filters Installation on Power Line FCL 55, -66, -660

    Fil-Coil’s complete line of radio frequency interference filters are designed for the purpose of minimizing conducted and radiated interference from power lines in which they are installed. To assure maximum effectiveness of these filters and to prevent equipment radiation, important precautions must be followed

  • Breaker Panel Box FCBP

    The RF Filtered and Shielded Circuit Breaker Panel Box shall be designed for the distribution, control and protection of electrical circuits, providing filtering and shielding performance as required to meet Secure Communication Standards specified for DCA Red/Black Engineering-Installation Criteria (U), DCA ENSP-422-5C, DCA CIR C175-6A and others. For FCBP 521 thru 563.