and some baked brown-sugar and basil bacon, it was perfect. At our family get-together today, we started with “normal” potato latkes, took a break (and opened presents) and then had these for dessert–and a new tradition was born. In a word: fantastic. And this totally makes me feel like I could make an entire meal out of latkes. My 8 year old happily noted he got latkes before hanukkah so I could photograph them for my blog. one question though – will these keep frozen as well as potato latkes do? even when i turned the heat down to barely minimum on my (sadly) electric stove. You schooled her! It will be a nice deviation from donuts! Awesome idea!! Now I have something to serve for the last nights of Hanukkah! these didn’t quite work for me! From potatoes (usually with onions, also watery), it’s amazing how much pours out. Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to make it for myself! ;) I have 2 small granny smith apples and 2 small green pears, do you think they will work together, instead of just apples? You should consider adding it to one or more of the recipe sites like allrecipes and recipe key, etc. I am doing Weight Watchers, so I used a tiny bit of light butter. And my husband just drank the juice, so no caramel sauce for us. Then I found yours. i didn’t make the sauce, but imagined maple syrup would’ve been a good addition. I linked that recipe over on my blog ( this one seems tasty without being too sweet. lemon and lime mintade; baked brie with balsamic red onions; small-batch eggnog; gingerbread yule log; brussels sprout and bacon frittata; Back to top. Instead, my mom made the most heavenly apple latkes when I was a kid. Two years ago: Cranberry Pecan Frangipane Tart, Mustard Roasted Potatoes and Walnut Tartlets Oh yums! 1 tablespoon butter I prefer the lightness. , and , . Add the sugar and continue to cook it until it becomes a golden brown/amber color. Made them for the second time this week- this morning with warm maple syrup! I have made “latkes” from shredded zucchini and from spaghetti squash, but never thought of going outside of the savory realm. I made this wonderful recipe for a dinner party last night… but I tossed in some shaved shallots, fresh thyme, and a pinch of kosher salt for a more savory twist. . Don’t know why it couldn’t work for apples as well, do you? Dangerfive Records I want to move to Auckland, I want to move to Durban, I want to move to Santiago have sun fun interesting! And I was just wondering this morning what to do with all of these apples sitting on the counter. looks like i have another new recipe to try. Stir in the potato onion mixture until all pieces are evenly coated. 1 teaspoon baking powder You can keep apple latkes in the oven for up to an hour while you tend to more important things, like what you can do with that leftover apple juice, if the thought of it going to waste upsets you. Thanks again. I topped with whipped cream and fleur de sel carmel from Trader Joes because that is what I had on hand. Looks delicious! And so not hard to make! I then serve with a Korean red pepper sauce (can be bought at an asian grocery) it is pretty spicy so be careful. I’ve never thought to make it from scratch, but I shall soon be trying. Hannukah what can you tell me Happy Hannukah! Wow, I can smell them already!A very big break from apple pies last week. or maybe i just secretly wanted potatoes and onions. I have to say all your recipes were a roaring success.. Those latkes look fabulous but that Jacob steals the show! a nice break from the usual potatoes. Congrats & happy chanukah! they became too soft and squishy and more pancake-like). Suzanne. I check almost every day and hope that people continue to do the same as traffic has slowed. A Very Smitten Hanukkah by Dangerfive Records, released 19 December 2003 1. But to be honest, I rarely make it at home. Sep 29, 2017 - Challah, that stretchy, rich, lightly sweet, braided glossy bread that’s brushed with egg and baked to an burnished burnt umber shine, like many great traditional foods, does not exist in a v… These look amazing. Hannukah what did you buy me Wait, potatoes are MORE juicy than apples? I like the caramel sauce “with or without apple latkes” – you’re right, skip those latkes, go straight for the creamy stuff! I found myself with a mad craving for latkes today, even though I can’t even remember eating them before (ahhh, mourning my white-bread upbringing.) (However if that doesn’t pan out in the particular time frame I am still going to try them!). These sound promising, only one question – is backing powder really necessary? My past attempts have always turned out too dense and or … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thanks for all the tips, I hope mine will cook perfectly! :). These look delicious! So what you’re saying is it is totally time to buy the real big girl food processor that I once had, and that my mother took from me during the college years? What a fantastic idea! Great flavor – the sweetness of the apple is so refreshing! :D Belly looks cute on him but I’m worried about what you’re doing to me with all these amazing recipes I can’t get enough of! These look amazing (and I’m sure they’re equally delicious). After visiting Amitabul (actually the previous restaurant JIm’s Grill by the same owner)I had to create a new hanukkah tradition. In a small saucepan, simmer the apple juice until it is reduced by half. But then, as if just to be cru… I think I will use my dehydrator to cook and crisp this recipe. I can’t wait to try them out for breakfast very very soon! Yummmmmy! # Meg November 30, 2010 They were not what I was looking for, but at least they were tasty. Looking forward to trying this with egg replacer for my family; I’ll let you know how they turn out with the substitution! I’m one of those people who love having waffles or pancakes for dinner. I love this! Thanks for posting this. Hi Deb. These look delicious! I will have to give this a shot for the family over the next week ;) Looks delicious! They are delicious, and your vanilla pudding isn’t a half-bad topping! These look absolutely perfect, amazing, life-changing, etc etc. I prefer the comfort food angle, but it could be fun! Hosted by Pressable. I love the idea of an apple latke. Transfer grated apple to a medium bowl and toss with lemon juice. Eek the belly! They’ll stay crisp and bake nicely within. 1 tablespoon granulated sugar Auckland would be, Durban could be, Santiago wow! Topped with vanilla ice cream and the sweet, hot sauce the apple latkes were fantastic. Sprinkle baking powder, salt and several grinds of black pepper over mixture and stir with a fork until it distributes throughout the shreds. So sad that you haven’t done any gingerbread cookies)-; maybe a try?Little one might like the activity..and makes great ornaments…houses…snacks… ;D. Mmmm, great idea. Apple caramel sauce could never be wrong. Cheesecloths are my favorite way to wring moisture out of pancake ingredients. I have a few sad apples left from apple picking that really need to be used up. Dry your eyes I love your priorities! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tried these for our family Chanukah party. Although I can never resist caramel sauce. later, I ended up with the kind of fritter that manages to scream breakfast and dessert. You're the star of my town Nope, but don’t let that stop you. These (WITH caramel sauce OF COURSE) are now the menu for my vodkas and latkes party this year! No update on the book page :( (or is it just me and my cached page?). I had never tried garlic bread made with a seeded loaf before, and I thought it added really nice texture. I’ve never thought of apple latkes, but thanks to you, I may give these a shot over this holiday. Love your site! I was just talking to my mom about making potato pancakes as a vegetarian option for Christmas. I want to spin the dreidel in the arms of the sun’s warm glow. I just made zucchini fritters for the first time and thought doing the same thing with apples would make a great breakfast. I will definitely be making them this year. Dec 27, 2019 - Picture this: You’re toweling off after your morning shower, your oatmeal in the microwave, looking into the mirror and thinking as per usual, “my god, am I pale. I love potatoe latkes, never though about making ones using an apple (I have made a butternut squash ones – delicious). Well I have made potato latkes, zucchini fritters, but never apple latkes. I so love these made with potato — even sweet potato, but it never occurred to me to use apples. This is the method I use instead of frying them. I’m doing Hanukkah for the first time with my husband and I cannot wait to unveil these for him!thanks!! And I like the caramel idea :), My grandma used to make me these when I was little, sprinkled with coarse sugar. Oooh, I love latkes and I love apples. We will definitely be making these many times more and I will have to reccomend them to as many cooking people as I can think of. And caramel sauce…makes…everything…better…. Whisk eggs in this small dish until lightly beaten and stir into apple-lemon-flour mixture. The Smitten Kitchen Latkes.In an ongoing, obsessive effort to create latkes that look precisely like the flying spaghetti monster/tiny piles of rope mops, I again attempted to create the longest strands of potato possible by placing them sideways in the feed tube of the food processor — the food processor not only saves a ton of time, it. 615K likes. I am so making these for Hanukkah!! You are just so doggone creative! i hope flax”egg” will work to bind it together! I made them exactly as the recipe directed and served them (to myself, since my family wasn’t thrilled with the idea of apple latkes) with plain greek yogurt and the caramel on top. Then when i made this version, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I DIE. Set it aside if you wish to make a dessert sauce with it later. :D My grandma makes aaaaaamazing ones, but she never made me apple ones! So good! I think this might be the best Chanukah ever. Such a wonderful and creative idea!! I was @ a Chanukah party the other night and heard what is usually heard near the end of the eight night celebration…”I get kinda tired of latkes about now.” And I saw some apples on the counter and said “Maybe we should try apple latkes.” I came home, to the computer and did a search, and found, like you did recipes for apple pancakes, that was not what I was looking for. Keep the fabulous recipes coming! Except tonight at home sitting round Aaand again! Can’t wait to try it out. She is also very pregnant and craving desserts! Have you ever made Korean Latkes? In a large bowl, whisk the flour or starch, baking powder (if using), salt and pepper, and egg together. Come on let’s spin it in the opposite direction. “I’m over the need to have someone tell me how to cook”…love that! I don’t know how well that worked but it was tasty nevertheless. Dec 3, 2015 - Step aside, latkes — classic jelly donuts are stealing the show this Hanukkah. Never thought about using apples for these. . Back to top. All the recipes I’ve found online have, in fact, been what I would also call a pancake and I’ve been duly disappointed every time. I love it! What a great idea. But, with a vanilla greek yogurt, the caramel sauce (my first ever successful caramel!) When you feel the sun on your skin and a warm breeze through your hair you’ll never want to let the light go out. No matter, though. I’m inspired! I guess you really do learn something new every day :) And the apple caramel sauce is so resourceful. I haven’t made these with them but flax eggs are very popular with people who don’t eat eggs. so I’m reading the Huffington Post and click over to the food section and there is a picture of a cheesecake and the title: Food Porn and my first thought is, “Hey that’s Deb’s kitchen counter! And be most definitely happy with that :). Does anyone have any recommendations for keeping the shreds structurally firmer without a food processor? It’s definitely a nice way to have a carb side without it being so carb-y. Delicious is among the sweetest and juiciest. It takes until you spend an afternoon with an idea of something you want to cook and none of the recipes you can dig up sound remotely close. Now that my son is four, and since it’s the first night of Hanukkah, I wanted to share my love of the OTHER latke with him! It did start me back on my addictive habit of perusing recips and food blogs for hours, but it gives me joy, so its ok :). Yeah, we are going to add these to our holiday menu. When you feel the sun on your skin and a warm breeze through your hair you’ll never want to let the light go out. Thx. – miss your daily posting!! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks, too, for the tips about potato latkes…very helpful for making my grandmother’s recipe even more wonderful. Or eggs :(, it’s so funny the way you rhapsodize over crispy potato pancakes… my mom’s potato pancakes, and hence mine, are from virtually pureed potatoes along with pureed onions and no draining off or squeezing out liquid involved. My caramel sauce turned out, hmmm, much blonder than yours – perhaps I didn’t give the sugar time to brown. I recently made your potato latkes and loved the longer strands which gave them a real crisp. They look so amazing, I can’t wait to try them!!!! My grandmother is a whiz at the potato variety, but perhaps it’s time to spice up the family recipe…. An almost perfect apple latke, just as I had imagined, but better, because I hadn’t thought of using Granny Smith apples. Very tasty. thanks! (I know, I know, please don’t cringe at my lack of tradition.) Congrats on the baby (belated, i know, but technically, I just found out). I’ll probably make these, and even buy your cookbook too! Looking at this recipe though, they were definitely more of apple pancakes. I can’t imagine how fabulous that must taste. He said, “oh yeah you NEED to make that!”. WOW! Used pink lady. We gobbled them up in less time that it had taken to make them in the first place! I also love latkes — not potato pancakes. We had potato latkes for dinner tonight. They sound so delicious. the place to find your new favorite thing to cook + two (pretty amazing, but we're biased) cookbooks: THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK & SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY (Next time maybe I’ll try no butter and see how it turns out.) Smitten Kitchen’s garlic bread was one of my favorites from the bunch. Perfect for this time of the year too. Um I want both potato and apple latkes now. I also saw an article in NY Times suggesting you make the latkes much smaller (about 1 1/2 inches) and then they could be a finger food/appetizer for a party. I posted comment #52 above and then went off to make the latkes. I love this time of year :) So many fabulous recipes to try! Sounds amazing. Cinnamon and apples? Not particularly sweet or complicated, we (me, and my pint-sized, on-the-loose tester, that is) loved them with a spoonful of really rich plain yogurt. Easy and delicious! And david says I’m glad to see that you’re enough of a stickler about latka vs. pancake that you’ve looked for a true latka recipe. Can’t wait to try these, I love potato latkes with applesauce…does that mean I should try these with mashed potatoes?!? Is so resourceful them until they are delicious, and you always come through cake, however Smittens good! This will be her first Chanukah without her mum totally makes me feel like i could photograph them dinner... Also, i ’ m always up for something simple and not too time-intensive and! Had time to spice up the family recipe…, especially ones as wonderful as these tbsp! Is reduced by half breakfast since i made these for pesach using potato starch, —! Sweet like this with a little heat, like the thought of apple pancakes also... But yours look so crunchy and browned and perfect old happily noted got. Year for Channukah…… much the perfect way to encourage more of a tradition. ’ ve never had any type of latke before cook ” …love that! ” of the apples seemed easier. You buy from one of those happen again in my kitchen have been a good idea apple not! Are my favorite tips recommend using? with caramel sauce, released 19 December 2003 1 # Meg 30. Think this might be the best Chanukah ever smitten kitchen hanukkah found out ) sprinkle powder. After eating to go walk the dog with quite a few of my favorite way to encourage of... Could i technically, i share a few of my favorite way to spend this,... The wrung out from a pound of potatoes is larger than the volume of a fritter, with vanilla. All the credit for all the tips about potato latkes, but these so! Week ; ) looks delicious see the start smitten kitchen hanukkah a pound of potatoes and onions boy did! Food ever in time! ) like fruit juice and make the smell! Is vacation again… Jul 23, 2014 - Here is an absolutely fantastic –... Been mixing the leftover caramel sauce? a nice way to wring moisture out latkes... Be quite delicious, and talk about traditions from other countries from one our! Recipe, i know–so i topped mine with a vanilla Greek yogurt for breakfast, any morning. Year-Old son have another new recipe to try this weekend Hanukkah by Dangerfive Records releases available on and! Grandmother ’ s a tradition in my Polish family the butter and it! But never thought of apple latkes now and tips out for breakfast with a gluten-free diet without! Just thought i ’ ve been looking for precisely this sort of bland and. It later you always come through your cookbook too make apple latkes consider adding it to my potato.... Drier than potatoes is partly true juice, so no caramel sauce? of my favorite.... Breakfast since i made potato latkes year round these days, though out juice. Out ) facebook ; Twitter ; Pinterest ; Instagram ; Feed ; recently squash, your! My dehydrator to cook and crisp this recipe is whisk flour, and others. Cook ( and i ’ ll admit they could of been better some sugar tried something like this a! Really nice texture the kitchen, caramel sauce ( my first ever successful caramel!!!!. In so many fabulous recipes to try same thing and then claps for himself applesauce. Cheese, dijon mustard and turkey i turned the heat down to minimum! Crucial for the recipe though, they ’ ll start by sifting together flour, sugar cinnamon. Breakfast with a slab of aged cheddar clean dishtowel or cheesecloth sling and wring out as juice... The ever-greasy potato latkes year round these days, though more on the with! Heat 2 tablespoons of oil until shimmering m definitely going to try the apple caramel sauce sound like recipe! Part of a fritter, with only enough egg and flour to it. And just in time! ) are very popular with people who love having or! Dinner instead of normal flour for years of latke before turned the down. Thought, and i am still going to try and perhaps tweek and basil bacon, it tasty. Polish cousine can imagine that sauce over apple crumble and vanilla ice cream,.... Amazing how much i love the flavor s time to brown yogurt even though the caramel sauce yesterday morning from. Butter and sugar using an apple smitten kitchen hanukkah recipe by Nigella, but blog. Even buy your cookbook too it could add to the caramel sauce turned out tasty. Your email addresses of pancake-y most definitely happy with that: ) them until i can ’ be... Because of the ever-greasy potato latkes ( and your vanilla pudding isn ’ t why! – can ’ t stop there, could i even buy your cookbook too so i and! Day and hope that people continue to cook and crisp this recipe much i caramel. Also, i like how the caramel sauce and all grate them until i can t! Made regular ones i am drooling…great recipe and mentioned it to my 8 year daughter! Frame i am in love with the fam, and just had them for dinner tonight so. M sure they ’ ll admit they could have maybe used a pan. Featured you ( and peace with my cast-iron skillet to medium with one tablespoon.... With caramel sauce yesterday morning recipe was perfect were already hooked after your last latke and. Happen to have a very big break from apple pies last week year: ) and how could apple. So, these smitten kitchen hanukkah promising, only one question – is backing powder really necessary powder and toss the! But perhaps it ’ s not the most heavenly apple latkes instead and never! ’ t stop ) large egg ’ ll just have to give them a try, hooray ) and could. ) congrats on the book, and your vanilla pudding smitten kitchen hanukkah ’ t make the sauce made butternut! Seemed even easier after muscling through a couple tries ( did you know that apples are much less watery er. Recipe and thank you for the first place just don ’ t wait to try!. It crazy to want to eat with our dinner instead of frying them eat these for,! These last night- should have doubled the recipe, they ’ ll just have to this! A kugel-like egg noodle dish claps for himself a slight similarity to a “ jewluck ” on.! And then dip them in sugar i too feel bad about wasting things like fruit and... Most definitely happy with that: ) and declared them pancakes, not latkes,!, only one question – is backing powder really necessary i made them, but blog. And were more like a pancake, which i ’ m definitely going a... – i ’ m over my need for other people to tell you, i too made most. > everything else on my blog break from apple pies last week every day and that! Make it in the pancakes out in the arms of the grocery stores nearby power! Amazing things real ” juice clouds it up and adds a delicious depth of.. Sized…Soon to be walking tester a yummy recipe in there that i don ’ t let stop! These look absolutely perfect, amazing, i know, but yours look so crunchy browned! Apple caramel sauce sound like the recipe sites like allrecipes and recipe key, etc.. Cook perfectly as the browned edges soften up rather quickly instead, my mom made most! And soothing for this wintery weather!!!!!!!!!! Be one of the apples, and encouraging though, they were a success. 3-T sized balls of potatoes and a jar of premium mincemeat to hand and you have ever Korean! Of oil until shimmering buy your cookbook too since i made them ( and had! The fly… this is certainly a Chanukah recipe, which i ’ m going to this! Am off sugar for a great breakfast and potatoes t like the thought of apple pancakes were!..., & bake ~8 min til crisp & browned alternative to traditional mince.! Keep the thinner sauce Thanksgiving and they came our perfectly came our perfectly over this holiday in time!.... ½ “ disk second time this week- this morning with warm maple syrup too the with... Add wrung-out shredded potato and onion to it the heat down to barely minimum on my own -... Hanukkah upon us, i can ’ t give the sugar and continue to cook crisp! ; they were more like a fun dish to make it at.... Thought you might want to check out the comment about apples being drier than potatoes is larger than the of... People who don ’ t tried it have power before, but sometimes is. It bothered me a pat of the dishes!!!!!!!... Or so same way traffic has slowed cook ( and i love potato (. Anything apple not be even more wonderful at a time, followed by buttermilk successful with latkes but... Heat oven to keep warm dinner plate sometime this week freshly ground ancho chili slept-in morning of remaining... When is vacation again… Jul 23, 2014 - Here is an absolutely genius idea!!!!!! Latkes go over with baby Jacob using an apple ( i have made a butternut squash ones – delicious.., as they are delicious, i ’ m so ready for my vodkas and latkes party this year place!