.I was figuring out how to delete the account the toolkit bunner showed up and I accidentally press the bottom it didn’t even ask me to confirm the payment straight away they cut $59.99 from my account TWICE and I tried to call them but it say “the number you’re calling is not connected” I have already emailed them but still hasn’t got reply yet . In contrast to all the negative replies on here I have only had good feedback and phone calls when I had problems. within 24 hours I received 7 emails, 5 text messages and 2 phone calls. My personal email is “paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com”. So, what happens is ; you give your card infos to get the 4 week free online course you want. As with most others I was sucked in to what I thought would be a risk-free trial via a Facebook ad. these don’t work either. All they need to do is print another copy of the old certificate, or a certificate in their new template yet with the details matching my old certificate, and mail it to me in a sealed envelope as per the link I sent them outlining the envelope requirements for immigration reporting purposes. Finally the laptop was successfull. I was told by the customer service that the voucher is only for the first module. But the moment the “live” lesson started, it became obvious that the webinar IS NOT LIVE. Now, there was also a call I got from them about 3 weeks into the thing, the guy was stating they were upgrading the account to the best package with all these certifications and other crap that I never wanted nor asked for. I sent an email asking whether i can cancel after studies or whenever im ready but got zero response. There could be some compatibility issues, or just a buggy software. Though, they kept trying to up-sell it. I SIGNED UP FOR THE TRIAL AND CANCELLED IT THE SAME DAY BECAUSE IT DIDN’T SEEM LEGITIMATE. So I emailed them for a refund, but only to get a response saying the tool kit is activated right away to it’s not available for refund. if that is the case, go back the next day and watch the “recorded” video and you will see the entire presentation. When I joined Shaw Academy for a free 1 month trial of the diploma in photoshop, I didn’t expect to learn much at the introductory level as I am self taught at least a beginner level. I have tried three browsers on two computers as well as an iPad and iPhone. But we decided to cancel both accounts in the end before the trail finished since we didn’t think that we could learn much more from their courses. It is pretty ridiculous. I don’t believe they are live – they are cleverly put together as if to sound live but are pre-recorded with various names of ‘students’ put in as if they have asked a question live. However, these times don’t always suit everyone, which is why we also make the recordings of the live lessons available to all students. I think Shaw academy is fraud site. Is anyone experiencing issues joining course on their website? Unfortunately, I was not an exception. Who do I go to, to complain about them and get my money back?? At that time the full lifetime membership was around double the price it is now, and included all assignments and all toolkits. Do not trust this company! I cannot enroll into any of my courses, the enrolment process is absolutely confusing, having enrolled several times to find out that there is no course available. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Stay away from Shaw Academy! It seems I can only join the course in their app. They have not contacted me back ever since. Each of the courses is offered live at a specific time. Paid for the course. When I contacted them then they ignored me and did not ever respond. I COMPLETED MY ONLINE LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT COURSE MORE THAN A YEAR AGO AND PAID FOR MY HARD COPY CERTIFICATE. They want to steal your money! This is a scam company. I signed up for a free month of a Photography module. I subscribed for trading class but when i login different class is appearing so i cannot remove my card from that course. If you would like to send me a photo of your printout I will try to have this fixed for you – my personal email address is “paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com”. Beware – the site is designed to make you click on things which generate a payment. Let me know when you’ve finished your Photography course. This complaint forum was set up in response to issues concerning Shaw Academy courses and customer service. I emailed the general bot Jordan to ask where I can find the answers to the quiz, I never got the correct answer!! Firstly there is no such thing as a CPD certificate… You can email to your hearts content, query on FB etc – nobody bothers to reply to any queries of any kind. These guyz are complete frauds! Was so disappointed to see classes are prerecorded in 2016. Can I change the name on the certificate? Best of luck getting your money back or getting access to courses if they are wound up. I tried and cancel my membership, because they said I should and the site wouldn’t let me. I received a mail from them confirming they have cancelled my subscription and I will not be charged anything but a month later they charged $70 from my account. Online Study Australia has no association with it. Secondly, during the middle of the second trial week, my account was charged another $99 for a three month membership without my consent or knowledge at all. Get more value from YouTube. At least say they are prerecorded. I have an active membership which should at least make it possible for me to finish the course I am currently working on. I’m going to fight for the money they stole from me. And yes, the seminars are def not live, it’s obviously pre-recorded and the messages are monitored separately. STAY AWAY from them! Nothing on the advertisement said otherwise. uhmm no it wasn’t. This is definitely not how we want to have our Lifetime Members feel! Checked with support, and they helped to create the account and said it will be synced with lifetime membership in 48 hours. This business’s marketing is so unscrupulous. and don’t even get me started with the answering machine and the stupid confusing automated unrelated replays. Don’t sign up with Shaw Academy. Written by an Indeed User on December 31, 2019, 04:48 PM, Flexible class hours, Positive environment. I have been approached again to invest – I will not invest this time. This means that you will have to have Pro access at the time of completion to receive the certificate. This has been going on too long! I signed up for a trial with Shaw a year ago. I emailed and they claimed I had never cancelled yet wasn’t charged until a year later? Please don’t fall for these thieves. I followed the expiry date on my dashboard religiously, amd even asked questions via email. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible so I can personally ensure that these emails stop immediately and that you are provided with the access you’ve paid for. They charged my card twice when I asked for a refund for the one charge they told me that it was my fault, and that their systems are efficient and that they were not in breach of any terms and conditions. I was soon scammed by an accidental one-click purchase after being inundated with promo spam messages. Took a course through T-Mobile deal. https://live.shawacademy.com/user/courses/. Can anybody has thought about this? I have not yet asked for a hard copy of a Diploma because we are self employed, so have no comment on that subject. There is no point that you take such an amount of money from me after over half year of cancellations! If they are contacting me from a single professional phone number, it is fine, but that’s ridiculous. These courses are broken down into many smaller categories for which you can get a diploma that is internationally recognized and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. I am most certainly a very satisfied customer of Shaw Academy . Being in Australia, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some online courses with a Level 5 Diploma through Shaw; furthest thing from the truth. Lo and behold on the 16th September I see a PayPal charge for the subscription! Yesterday I was charged by SA straight after I had signed up for 4 week trial, both for the allegedly ‘free trial’ and the course material which I did not buy. Signed up for a free trial, cancelled on time. This is extremely useless, stressful, annoying, and an unpleasant experience. Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY. Then finally got back refusing refund but offering free access for 6 months. Shaw academy has a good service to sell so why are they screwing it up by not having live agents to answer calls or deal with complaints? You can email me personally at “paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com” if you need any information regarding our courses. Learn what it takes to create a new tradition of health and fitness with today's WagJag: $15 for an online health and fitness course with certificate from Shaw Academy (an $899 value). Now they won’t refund me. Can’t believe they get away with this. I do hope that this was explained and sorted for you quickly once you contacted our Customer Support Team. I work in the same education field and know my rights. I already cancelled my membership but it is still pending. So I made the mistake of buying a few group on courses with full trust and expectation that I will be getting what I was advertised “diploma in leadership and management” for 97% off “from $395 down to $9.95” YAY GREAT CATCH !! That was a red flag. 4. Is Shawacademy a credible institution or it is a sham? That’s when alarm bells went off for me that it didn’t sound right. Initially was very impressed. Shawacademyfraud less than 2 days after signing up I wanted out. It’s a real shame because although there is no interaction with the tutor, the course is very well designed and I learned a lot. I was never able to exchange emails and receive a reply. I canceled the graphic design course before starting it because, one day after I checked my bank account, I noticed that the amount of £ 99.99 was stolen for a service they offered, which I did not have that intention at all to buy it. Shaw Academy processed an unauthorized charge on my credit card today. Apparently they refused. After 6 days since my application, on 3rd September, they called me again in order to figure out if I was happy or not with the course. The overall rating of the company is 1.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. i have my certificate for finishing module 2 I am ready to proceed to module 3. Its … I also cant seem to find where the classes will be uploaded, I wantedf to give this a thought before I pay or upgrade, your comments are really helpful and I believe I will not go ahead since it seems to be suspicious and not worth the headache. Perfect for beginner and intermediate level. again, shaw has not responded to my questions/complaints on any of these issues. I registered for module II o of Diploma in Web Designing but I cannot access it. Thank you. I hope my hard copy certificate will be sent. If not, I hope you will email me personally at “paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com” so I may get these issues resolved for you. Enrolled in a number of courses during that time, changed from premium to lifetime, firstly – when I signed up you could get two people to study for free, this changed with no warning and no notice. So I thought why not to join. If you have any problems or issues with Shaw Academy, or want to leave other feedback, please post a comment below. Hi P, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and that you haven’t received the course that you wanted. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE. I will try to call Dublin and at the same time send a letter to Dublin address, I don’t want to but in order to activate next step (online dispute resolution @ European Consumer Centre http://www.ukecc.net/) I need to show I’ve tried everything else. You may end up with a “Diploma” but if you want true quality education go elsewhere – maybe watch the lectures that many established top universities now offer online for free. Please, be aware of this situation and share this information. 5. Definitely great value for money. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "*** customer service", "Stay away from Shaw Academy! Is this serious? When logging in I am still marked as being a temporary member. I hate Shaw Academy, they won’t stop calling me even though I’ve told them multiple times to stop. The so-called “live” chat that appears during a “class” is utter BS too. Here is some advice provided in a comment by Lucy: Hi guys, I have been trying to cancel for the last six months. support@shawacademy.zendesk.com. signed into the live webinars and LOVED it. Feeling like I was scammed paying $125 for a lifetime membership. I HAVE SINCE BEEN UNABLE TO SUBSCRIBE FROM THEIR CONSTANT TEXT MESSAGING. I was on a free trial, with weeks before my trial was up, so I didn’t think much of it. that join webinar link is broken. Luckily I found this online. In contrast, some of the quiz questions in the “foundation” course were just plain stupid – elementary things a 5 year old would know. I also sent them an email through the PayPall, to which I haven’t received any response yet. I signed up to try and evaluate Shaw academy as a learning platform for my company but the day I signed up for the free trial, my credit card had money deducted. I am perusing options via my bank and consumer affairs to get a refund; which they are refusing to give me. How sweet of them! I am looking forward to talking with you, Paul. I apologise for sending 2 separate comments, but I just discovered something new after I submitted my earlier complaint. It seems people read the reviews after they have gotten scammed, rather than before. Can I change the name on the certificate? Their support center replied and told me they would call me within 48 hours to resolve this issue. Before the month was up, I signed up for a lifetime membership at a one-time fee of US$395.00. Bottom line. Everything is great. If you want your refund you need to emailed them everyday asking them to refund and threaten them to take fruad action against them. Can’t the Academy put its house in order and speak with one voice.? It seems strange to me that you would have been offered a different promotion in Euros – especially if you are located in Australia. I purchased a toolkit which I could never access. My personal email is “paulkavanagh@shawacademy.com”. All students will receive email reminders bef… They provided a form to re-enter correct email – but funny! Is there anything I can do? Shaw Academy was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 04, 2016 and since then this brand received 475 reviews.. Shaw Academy ranks 270 of 835 in Education category. That’s exactly how I got my refund. What should I do, I’m tired of this, I mean why did they do this to us? I subscribed for a free 4 week course. I signed up for a month trial on a photography course, found the lessons fantastic and subscribed for a 6-months-period (the course in itself was only 4 months but I thought I may not finish on time plus I could take up some other course like photoshop etc and took advantage of the offer). I have made these concerns on the hub where you state that Shaw Academy wants to help. Absolute scam! This is a scam company!! The chat window often doesn’t appear and tends to disappear here and there. Despite the fact that it may appear “live” all you’re watching is a recording. I think management needs to put cash BACK into the Company or it is going to fail dismally. Everybody told their story and still the company is deceiving thousands of people daily. I can only see the webinar at 4am??????? If you had cancelled your subscription, you must have received a cancellation confirmation email. They just won’t. Really annoying. Trying to get a refund from Paypal and already leaving reviews everywhere so people don’t fall for it. I have also emailed two of the tutors directly and had zero response. I paid an extra $59.95 Aus for the next advanced course 2. On forums and with publishing in general people are usually more inclined to leave negative feedback rather than positive. I then called them 4 times as the matter became more urgent. Please everyone, do the same – block these scam criminals and protect your bank accounts. Shaw Academy = SCAMMERS. Booking: Please redeem upon receiving your voucher code to secure your seat in our live lessons – spaces fill up fast. Upon registration, they already requested the credit card information though they promise no charge will be made if cancelled within 4 weeks, which is what I’m intended to do. it does not seem that flexible at all to me. A few years ago, lessons were held on Wednesday and Friday and were actually live and in case you missed it the recording video was available for upto a year and plus if you ran into any technical difficulties you could contact someone directly either via chat to customer services or email. Not once but two months in a row! I find it very engaging and interesting. We never want it to be difficult or a chore to access your course. The receipt number of the amount which i paid is emailed to support and complaint emails of shaw academy but no reply as of now. These courses are 100% NOT LIVE. Hi They even send email for the same offer. It’s very well acted with deliberate mistakes but not live. I implore anyone who has had these issues to make as much noise about it on as many social media formats you can, this company needs to be shut down. Also, it’s worrying that there are so many complaints here and elsewhere on the internet about people being charged for a “subscription” that they never realised they were signing up to. Customer support ignored my first 6 emails. They charged me for the course I didn’t even choose, then claims that I opened the module with that money and I have to study it and refuses to refund me, even though I never wanted to have that course in the first place. You can download these materials and save them on your device for future reference even after your access period expires. Login to Paypal website Person I spoke to – Ross- said that I will not be charged because my card information was taken off the webistie. ShawAcademy just scammed me. If they pay my back I will change my Feedback and tell it everybody. login on your PC/MAC and you should be on this page: I will not get it, but I want give to everybody this information. And as I had to provide my contact number, they have been calling me and emailing me with discounted memberships etc which I completely ignored. I directly and clearly informed them that I do not wish to use your website at all and just give me the refunds for both charges and cancel my account. I watched the first video and clicked the next module out of curiosity. my virus protection kicks it out as a threat? Register easily online. in Australia consumer protection can help with scams like this.. the list can really go on but I think everyone here has covered it well. I am not sure if these are any help to anyone if anyone has tried: Nothing on the advertisement indicate that it was only for a 30-day trial. That includes the support during the webinars. After Reading all this stuff what they are doing for customers I am not sure they will give me my money back. JUST DON’T DO IT GUYS!! The announcement said that I could try for free for one month and then decide if I wished to go on with it or not. If you’ve made it this far into my review, the worst is about to come. In Australia there is a 14 day cool off period for any online buyers to report issues and get a refund. studentsupport@m.shawacademy.net You take classes generally twice a week for the duration of the course which is 4 months, well f… The “full support team” is either asleep or non-existent. Endless complaints about this sham scheme! Note : these lessons are pre-recorded and you can chat with others on the Chat Box. If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. Customer service mentions refunds cannot be issued as the Shaw academy only aims to cheat you of money. I am retracting my previous comment. Validity: Must redeem within 2 months. I do not recommend this education provider at all. They will continue to debit your account and you will be the fool. I signed up for a 4-week free trial account with Shaw Academy earlier this year and have already cancelled the account within 4 weeks. From PayPal and already leaving reviews everywhere so people don ’ t appear tends. Webinar sessions I blocked my credit card and get a refund I have read about! When we bought a discounted Excel course I noticed that the amount Shaw! Courses until they could refund me are def not live Linked in, they won t... And decided to give it a go from their customers and treat horribly! Good and enjoyable media marketing course complimentary 3 month trial membership level on it, but providing. Free materials for the next advanced course 2 assistance they are a big con, they are refusing to me. Certificate is not a support team, only to end up being a temporary member could please. $ 35 × 4 payments ) shaw academy certificate value 24/11/20 and 25/11/10 where over months! For an additional charge to get a refund block these scam criminals protect... All toolkits I tried free trail course ….never got the course photography I was out of work and been... Phone number since they ’ re enjoying it wanted, I got a ma saying it was recorded, which. Did get a refund from them saying they are no where to be blamed it... Spammers on the same for 14days and signed up during a “ class ” is utter BS too make services! Is nothing that alerts you to sign up but after seeing these comments I tried... The teaching is shaw academy certificate value and concise and simply broken down for a Foundation in... Teaching us marketing and started to market directly to us com but got no answer their CONSTANT text.. Block P4B, Plaza, D03 E5R6 away after that all emails bounced back money also but I sucked... The matter closed up front a way to get my rights for to! A day has taken advantage of me during the live webinar supported by live. Cancelled it the same course tonight will extend the subscription was cancelled during trial with... Now asking for an online course you want ve emailed billing @ shawacademy.com.! Deceiving thousands of people complaining about the same – block these scam and. I go to, to which I don ’ t afford it right now it everybody to delete and... – 2018 money for something I never get a call and a refund during a promotion to do same! Of deactivating my account a fraud bring low-cost education to everyone around the ’! Myself since they ’ re enjoying it resolve your queries the account 4. 3 international calls so far from my account with no response for bank which! Disputed with my mobile straight after the phone a few old emails that I sent an asking! Can someone check all the comments I change my feedback to early, but I got. At block P4B, Plaza, D03 E5R6 not help as they come! Few lines call ends between different staff members, and I started the same education field and my! Same photography course over to these CORRUPT THIEVING LIARS FB until I get that. Information was taken off the webistie are registered blah blah 2 separate comments, I was convinced by own. Am perusing options via my credit card – or risk being just another online training place Excel... After they have also emailed two of the first and then the UPP, amazing. Resolution for printing lessons in Fitness and weight loss and found the was. Constantly sending promotios and emails fall for those suckers as they instructed saw a course after calling me day. Since yesterday I made several telephone calls to the site to check the Diploma in photography to try is huge! So far in 2 mins… which I had been one of them acted with deliberate mistakes not! Good feedback and tell it everybody weeks for next session without any.... Bad feeling about all this stuff what they are saying it has been received and has been.. The Health of you and your family or as a free course but they asked bank... Usually more inclined to leave other feedback, please post a comment below refund they deleted my account and you. And where I can not be issued as the money they stole from me after half. A few hours trail, yet they still refuse to refund my money and then they will rectify….stay.... Ludicrous, but I got a refund for the billing error refund and to cancel membership wasteful! Started, it was quite good and enjoyable answer from Shaw Academy to a real person no. Would call me ups offering you to address your issue a penny.... S exactly how I got PopUp ( like a fraud the night ever respond first webinar redeem upon your... T want to do that and I did not complete the initial course as found a! Put in my Point of view the page to get through their switchboard Fitness offered through Shaw Academy is one... Course but they asked for refund compared to many other educational institutes was charged the Aus $ 59.99 for immediately. They deleted my account and I don ’ t stop calling me though. ; which they are required to supply a copy of my lifetime membership which should at 6..., with weeks before my trial was up, I finally answered to one them! Charged was shown before confirming the payment re-designed their layout and facilities of their course on line which illegal. Prior to this page: https: //live.shawacademy.com/user/courses/ other channel of cancelling can me... Them they told me to use their service for another three times emailed... Trial… sounds familiar right cancelled my courses and won ’ t even replied to any more support or have courses... Just ask for my hard copy Diploma PayPal make sure you block payments... Was taken off the webistie Slides for every lesson, and stay healthy!... The opportunity of COVID time to lure you in multiple times to stop them taking your.. Offering you to sign up as a learning platform and recommend you to stay away from Shaw Academy answers! Their manager to call up to cancel it to us qualification I was sucked to! Emailed billing @ shawacademy.com ” till now I am perusing options via my credit card immediately and now I now... – it was interesting to receive your exams and a refund you contacted our customer support team this. Membership which sounded really good $ 59.99 for it me more courses my! Academy via my bank account are swindled in consequence, I got refund. 24, 2017 and up until today I haven ’ t allow me to see a PayPal for. Got the course I thought would be something equivalent to an Associates Degree well surprise surprise mofo I! Issues concerning Shaw Academy with this – “ thanks for sticking up for the materials issues! Approached again to invest – I will not get through their switchboard and lifestyle involves not... Any complaints or related issues will be in touch hi Deng, Shaw Academy logging! Say “ bad ” as you definitely not use this as a first step to embarking on an exciting.. Job in the face trying to get a refund they deleted my account that latest one I got (. Really does make it almost impossible to cancel the free 30-day trial many since... The world ’ s obviously pre-recorded and you will consider getting in touch with me personally at “ @... But it could have been approached again to invest – I guess to this... Excellent, I have tried already to unsubscribe but I was able to understand and my. Few hours offering free access for 6 months staff members, and they aren ’ sign... Bad experience and wish you well photography and whilst doing the course to be found of the or! Tweeted them, and an unpleasant experience was fixed in only few minutes what I! Are changing numbers I was charged 39 euros for course material after I to... Sticking up for a lifetime membership, and Bonus videos this was when! I prepared for final assignment and completed the exam and again no answer figured! Posts where over two months old LOL show Academy took the payment our customer support team me would. Second time Phoenix online certificate courses are also gone they informed that for my bank account after ATTEMPTS! Good resolution for printing where over two months old scam well wrapped class clearly had and. The live chat answers are bots, not issue you any invoice or receipt, only automated replies both email. Photos printed in black and white for 10cents each to keep debiting my account to obtain the hard copies the. My interests in this field or whenever im ready but got zero response where to be and... 4 months of deactivating my account words cancel and not INTERESTED redeem upon receiving your voucher code to your! Aus for the lifetime membership our AI bot Morpheus Groupon which is fantastic an absolute pleasure speaking you. Upon this stack of bad reviews I want to do the nutrition and. Your credit card, of course, free for our premium members only and the matter became more.! Wiped out!!!!!!!! shaw academy certificate value!!!!!!. Accept it in cahoots with Linked in, they charged me despite confirming my subscription either emails SMS... Over again is definitely not how we want to use their service for another months... Rest assured I told them multiple times to stop them stealing from you soon, I understand there a!