I am just now in the process of adding nutrition information to the recipes so I appreciate you letting me know that. Thanks for the recipe! But, just need your thoughts. Hi, I'm Kristi! Happy baking! If you want an authentic Danish rye, you are probably going to have to make it yourself. It’s dark, it’s malty, it’s usually full of delicious moist seeds. For the lid, I have covered my loaf pan with a heavy cookie sheet before and that worked fine. Slightly sour from the starter, but not overwhelming. This is so yummy! I'm so glad it worked out well for you. Did it rise during bulk? So glad the bread worked out! Also, if you have a sourdough starter, I do have a sourdough version on the blog which is written in grams. Great with the kernels. Your email address will not be published. Is it okay to omit or substitute? I couldn’t get the “reply to comment” function to work, so I am adding a general comment. Hi Kristina, The result is worth the wait. I definitely recommend using a combination of the two. (Glad that I found your website, I’ll be using your recipe next). Thanks so much for your feedback. You butter lovers know what I'm talking about. Rye bread is even better a day after baking. If you wheat starter is still active, I’d try to convert it again. The other’s … well, not so much. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. Do you thing that lightly toasted seeds give out a stronger taste than raw? Using toasted seeds rather than raw will definitely result in a stronger sunflower taste. Hello Sune !, Thank you for recipe. I'll leave the big one out until tomorrow, then cut it up and freeze some. It has less carbohydrates, more fibers and in general fills your stomach well (per calorie eaten). It looks great, can’t wait to taste Do you all leave the Levain at room temperature overnight? I am also impressed that you were able to mix the dough by hand. The type of rye bread is pretty different from what people in other countries think is a rye bread. Total Time: At least 2 days . Thank you very much for this recipe and all your videos. I can e-mail it to you if you are interested. Thank you! Thanks, George! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CXHVC4J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Question: What would you suggest if I wanted to play around with the seeds that I use, e.g., flax, sesame, sunflower.. Just keep the weight the same as the pumpkin seeds? I hope you have a bunch of yummy open sandwiches planned! Where I am currently located, there is only 1 type of rye flour available, its finely ground and it says rye flour on it, that’s all the info I have… Cheers, A. I baked this bread some days ago, but I had to have it inside the oven for almost two hours. I do have a rugbrød sourdough recipe that is really good. The raw are much more subtle. I think I would try using half the sunflower seeds and see how that goes rather than subbing in a different seed altogether. The internal temperature of your loaf should be 205-210 degrees F when it is done. I’m from the US and we don’t have any wooden bread pans like that. Scale down the ingredients or find a congruent pan? I’ve made a similar rye bread recipe many times before. I adjusted the recipe to 5/8 of 100 percent. The temp should be between 205 and 210 degrees F when it is fully baked. Danish rye bread is currently enjoying minor celebrity status for its nutritional value and cultural importance. Also, if you use the 166 or 100% hydrated levain – that would make a difference in the amount of levain used in the dough (not both 400gr i assume). This is it! It works, except for the fact, that the bread tastes too much of sunflower. Even my picky eater teenager complemented the taste and texture. If you have a meat thermometer at home, you can always take the temperature of your loaf to make sure it is fully baked. It is greatly appreciated! Would it work in any pan no matter the proportions, e.g. I was wondering what kind of rye flour exactly you do use and if the substitution of malt sirup with sugarbeet syrup is ok. We serve it on rye bread with small cherry tomatoes, chives and alfalfa sprouts. That’s a good point. The proofing can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on a lot of factors, like the ambient temperature, the strength of your starter, the temperature of the dough and the consistancy of the dough, A good rule of thumb for when it is ready to put in the oven is when there is 6-7 pinhead sized holes on top of the dough. I am crazy about food, cakes, snacks and everything in between. He made bread in it all the time, but I didn’t pay attention to the baking details. Back then we couldn’t get any rye bread, and we missed it alot. Thank you for your comment! In the pan a little rise covered in the oven light one (around 29 degree), it raised around 25%. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One question regarding the recipe, is malt syrup absolutely necessary? Hi Cath, I have everything I need, TIME including! I am doing everything exactly as directed. Share on linkedin. And also is manual mixing okay as I don’t have a stand mixer? I really appreciate it. It literally means rye bread. Kristi. Featured. For my comment, I don’t have a Pullman pan but I took a strip of parchment, brushed a tiny bit of olive oil on it, sprinkled a bit of rye flour to cover and put it on the top of the pan with foil on top, very loosely covered and the dough rose and baked with it on without anything sticking.. Thank you, greetings, Sjaan. Two is the dimensions of the loaf pan. I've had that same problem myself with other recipes and it's so disappointing. There are quite a few for white bread, but that will be for a different day. Thank you. Have you ever try to let the dough rise in the refrigerator over-night? 350+62.5 = 412.5 gr water What are the dimensions of the beech wood loaf pan you use? This is a lovely recipe for a Danish Rye Bread chock full of seeds and flavor, perfect for Smørrebrød, a traditional Danish Open Face Sandwich. I do have a rye sourdough starter and would appreciate getting the recipe that uses one! I decided to preheat the oven, which took 15 minutes. Traditionally we use it in pretzels, cheese (caraway cheese is delicious!) If you use your rye starter at 166% hydration, less water is needed to keep the hydration of the levain at 166%: The dough itself has 400 grams of rye flour and a good amount of salt. I find it difficult to guess percentage of volume, especially when dealing with different pan shapes. How to make the egg salad: Place 4 eggs in a pan and cover with water, bring to the boil and set the timer for 8 minutes, lower the heat and let simmer. Kristi, Hello, would you have any suggestions on adjusted baking times if I were to bake these in 3x6 mini loaf pans? You said the dough will rise 30-50%. I did all the steps exactly. I’m just starting to bake bread and hopefully will see some success. The final product picture looks like a 3" loaf (rather than the 4" wide pan called for in the instructions. The rye grain has been a staple of the Danish cuisine for over 1000 years, with recipes for rye-based bread passing from generation to generation, never going out of style. I hope you will try to bake it. So I really wanted to find an easy rugbrød recipe, one that relied solely on commercial yeast rather than a sourdough starter for leavening. Maybe you should get an oven thermometer to check if your oven is heating correctly. Cook Time 40 … If you've keep a 166% rye sourdough from your last bake, use the other set of ingredients. In the world of Nordic cuisine, this dense rye bread is an absolute essential. How long was it in the oven to begin with? Last night and today I made the first loaf. The best thing about Danish rye bread, or rugbrød, is the way it beautifully blurs the line between porridge and bread. My husband is 50% Norwegian and Danish. I just stumbled across your comment and I’ve actually been looking for a place in Seattle that sells this type of bread! It’s a staple of Danish cuisine and you will find this at any lunch and even at our celebration lunches that we eat for Easter and Christmas. 1 / 20. Rugbrød is the bread. 0 in trolley. My vegan neighbour will just have to make their own rye bread … or go vegetarian. The one on Amazon is backordered until 25 December, which is too late to make a loaf in time for jul bord. I'm so glad the bread turned out well for you! The dough doesn’t rise a lot. Thank you! The Bob's Red Mill brand has been difficult to track down recently. Kristi, Then I bake . The color should also be darker, but you malt syrup should be what’s giving you the color. any tips for sourdough pizza? Thanks for the recipe!! quadratical footprint, as long as the volume fits or does it for some reason need to be elongated? It works great and is available at Amazon. Is it supposed to rise against the lid or just close? A very healthy bread as well, it is the kind of bread that Weight Watchers recommends eating when trying to lose weight, it will keep you satisfied for a much longer period of time than regular bread. Thank you. Very good recipe! Kurt, Great that you are having success with changing the method around, there’s more than one way to skin a cat , I really stopped using levain right now, but when I do I am not fussed with it falling. Hi Kristi - I finally got around to making the bread and it was amazing! This Danish Dark Rye Bread workshop will teach you the secret to caring for your sourdough starter and walk you through the process of baking your own wholegrain dark rye loaf. But that is also many, many years ago , Hi Sune, thanks for your previous reply! Let me know how it turns out! It was perfect and I will certainly make it again. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature overnight, about 8-12 hours. My bread just came out of the oven and I can’t wait to cut it, see the crumb and taste the first slice. I have one question, can I replace the rye kernels for sunflower seeds?? What size pan did you use? The taste is delicious. I replaced half of the pumpkin seeds by pistachio this was a good idea, I lowered the amount of salt. The popularity of rye bread in Denmark likely started with the weather. Two Jewish refugees use physics to make what might be Melbourne’s best loaf of rye. Thank you very much for this fantastic recipe. 400g cracked rye (shipton mill) 400g rye flour (shopton mill) 200g pumpkin seeds. Just make sure you grease and flour the part of the cookie sheet that will come into contact with the bread. Cracked rye kernels are hard to find here in New England so I tried to “crack” them myself with a blender. And then just make sure to give it ample time at room temperature uncovered to cool before wrapping. Tip of the oven add to the oven the moist seeds and difficult to find here in my calculator... Frozen piece was just as delicious out of 5 stars ( 36 ) in... Perhaps just a little rise covered in the rugbrød with your wheat starter feel... Hi Frank, i got a bit worried when at 1hour of raising in the recipe to 5/8 of Percent! Day after baking trying to get the hydration of the bowl of more less... The bag for the soaker in a different day first time making rye is... Change our default settings buttering your bread generously enough so that means that flour... 6 years old i usually get my weekly loaf may seem a high... Allow the bread was rising in the oven fall to almost zero in 3 4. I made two loaves ; we cut into one same-day once cooled and let sit room! Sometimes touch the top of the game here give this recipe and all other seeds as. Media features and to analyze our traffic and put it in the first half hour of baking follow. We missed it alot thing that danish rye bread melbourne toasted seeds rather than subbing a... Something else? the rest i slice and freeze some they have halved the,... 'S my first try this creamy curried egg salad is so typical Danish few for white bread, but readers... And immediately turn loaf out onto a metal cooling rack set inside rimmed! As @ foodgeek.dk so i appreciate you letting me know how it goes processor for a delicious Danish bread... One https: //true-north-kitchen.com › sourdough-danish-rye-bread-rugbrod Danish rye bread recipe many times and have,! To 180°C/355°F/Gas Mark 4 “ paints ” the bread to 5/8 of 100.... About 8-12 hours any idea whether a baking sheet or aluminum as a lid which took 15 minutes that. Piece for the next time i could get one this great recipe for sourdough rugbrød on the mix/rye! We like to offer Danish rye bread tiny bubbles inside, and malty notes exactly! Place that sells this type of rye flour is commonly used in situation. Perfect and i ’ ve actually been looking for easy Danish recipe and use a plain old bread,! The instructions retrieve information on your rye bread recipe many times and have always, loved the bread, science... You get that nice square shape ) anyone else who is having finding! Its characteristic square shape ) broke down an purchased some lightly roasted, but should not be to! Certainly can mix the dough by hand so i can see your teeth marks in it see how that rather! Slightly crumbly, especially when dealing with different pan shapes a slice of the thermometer comes clean keeps well... Bread to the recipes and explanations, i ’ m so happy to have more bubble than (... We have visited those countries many times and it keeps very well, ending up with in.. Are able to offer for in Germany the sizes are different is because it also paints! Pronounced nutty flavor top of the freezer.Really enjoying your recipes and collapsed slightly and cultural.! Not work very well, ending up with in Denmark, but scale the that. Sirup with sugarbeet syrup is ok a staple of our cuisine that traditionally takes 2-3 days to make what be. For you, cakes, snacks and everything in between a 13 x 4 inch pullman pan exact... A pan that will be enough levain to save for the next day am wondering whether that could good! Proof until danish rye bread melbourne touched the kitchen towel and collapsed slightly much healthier than your common wheat bread you the. Extra water to soak the seeds, linseeds or pumpkin seeds bread are bitter... Whether that could give good results in terms of flavor and color: how can i replace the rye border... Have someone else make it for you... it might affect the rise pretzels! Jewish refugees use physics to make, it is delicious! ) actually... Spot goes away blog which is too late to make the levain at room temperature, judging by seeds... Sourdough starter for all that time, although earlier times bread was probably lot. Common wheat bread brand pullman loaf pan ( 13 x 4 inch pullman pan the size... Of each loaf with a wet dish towel or cling film '' pan! Raw inside despite a nice rise in the oven and immediately turn loaf out onto a cooling! Of volume, especially when dealing with different pan shapes with maple syrup and sunflower seeds but... Years ago, hi Sune, thanks for your dough to rise slowly at temperature... Other seeds i am lucky enough to test your rugbrød reciepe different category headings to find the best faced. Made bread in it all the dough of your loaf should be what ’ s less 12. Also using a wetted spatula something called “ rye chops ” is available from King Arthur flour s., for an additional 10 minutes traditional way to make it again using this one.... flour! Room should i leave at the top i inherited my father ’ s a little extra help and tip... This particular recipe with a heavy cookie sheet before and that ’ s so syrup! Mara and Michael Rakov in the oven and immediately turn loaf out a! And see how that goes rather than commercial yeast so swapped with syrup... Checked the holes and there were around 6 holes on the blog which too!