The continuation of the feedback from the last note of the solo (3:22) throughout the first lines of the last verse (ends at 3:49) is a great unique touch that blows me away every time. Strangely, I think the guitar solo (1:11-1:31) is the weakest part of the song. For You Following. Great build through the guitar solo to an epic sing-along ending. It would rank higher but I think the solo section is a bit bland. Buck’s influence is clearly evident in production and songwriting, but it’s still obviously a BOC song. 25 – The Vigil (Mirrors) – Lots of people really dislike Mirrors, but I think this song is one of BOC’s best. 24 – ME 262 (Secret Treaties) – What starts off sounding like a basic 12 bar rock song moves into so much more. Ce morceau inclut un nouveau son authentique accessible dans le mode Forge du Son. 66 – The Revenge of Vera Gemini (Agents of Fortune) – Another Albert lead vocal, and a very rare singular female backing vocal. Some cool lyrics (“A negative space with a frame”), and a great solo (1:25-1:50) that fits the song perfectly, and adapts to the changing backing chords beautifully. That first minute is quite good, but the song doesn’t go anywhere after that. The break into the remarkable repeating riff in the bridge (after the lyric “The earth has fallen…” at 3:51) moves into a great solo section, with the tubular bell chimes and the “Come To Us” chant to make it perfect. I think the raunchy guitar moves this one up higher than the song itself deserves, but I loves me some 80s metal squeals. 27 – Flaming Telepaths (Secret Treaties) – Incredible lyrics, backed by an instrumental track that’s not very lick-heavy and makes great use of the piano. A dark song about a cold murder which is pretty awesome in itself. Log in. While not terribly flashy or hook-driven, it just screams 70s rock from start to finish. This album delivers nine other songs that deserve as much accolade as that monster hit. But it is. Blue Oyster Cult is a popular song by Albert Bouchard | Create your own TikTok videos with the Blue Oyster Cult song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. Please, comment. Téléchargements de musique non classifiés … The main riff feels like it’s dragging and slow at times, but like the last song, the chorus is what saves it. The instant transition from the draggy chords of the opening to the snappy sounds of the first verse (0:18) , even though the tempo stays exactly the same, is one of my favorite musical moments in a BOC song. There’s also a weird clap/snap sound that’s used during the breaks in the middle section (2:17-2:30) that I wait for whenever the song comes on. Love the subtly mixed organ underneath the whole thing that’s just screaming (see 2:51 to 2:59). “Thrills become as cheap as gas, and gas as cheap as thrills” is either the stupidest lyric ever or the smartest, and I haven’t been able to figure out which. 10 – O.D.’d On Life Itself (Tyranny and Mutation) – More of the classic early BOC sound. The solo doesn’t really stand out, in fact the outro solo (4:11 onward) is far better than the main solo in my opinion. More fantastic layering of lead, rhythm and bass. Train True (Lennie's Song) Production is razor sharp and clean. BÖC is often cited as a major influence by other acts such as METALLICA, and BÖC was listed in VH1's countdown of the greatest hard rock bands of all time. The absolutely understated guitar breaks from 1:19 to 1:35 show Buck’s genius. That’s totally a BOC sound”. "They have sold 25 million records worldwide, including seven million in the United States alone. 3 – The Red and The Black (Tyranny and Mutation) – Canadian Mounted, baby. A solo (1:51-2:19) interspersed with odd ascend/descending breaks is followed by a spookily awesome bass solo (2:27-2:51) and then more guitar/keys over whistling winds and creepy sound effects. The solo (2:16 – 2:48) is manic, cliche and largely forgettable. Crédits de musique disponibles sur Tainted Blood I’ve lived upon the edge of chance For twenty years or more And this is what my friends all mean By Del Rio’s song, oh, Del Rio Del Rio’s song, oh, Del Rio. It would have been incredible to see this performed live if the version from On Your Feet or On Your Knees is anything to go by. The bridge (1:54-2:20) is the part where it falls down and really loses the feel. Blue Oyster Cult: Every album, every song (On Track) Paperback – June 28, 2019 by Jacob Holm-Lupo (Author) 4.8 out of 5 stars 36 ratings. This is actually one of my favorite vocal part from Albert as it’s one of his least warbly-voiced. They are still playing this song live because it will get you on your feet every time. Stand And Fight Bass, drums and keys each get their solo bits too, which makes any song better. I still can’t stand Albert’s voice. story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. The first solo (1:42-2:16) is fantastic. Those of who are are more familiar with the band know that there are many other songs just as good or better than "(Don't Fear) the Reaper". 33 – Teen Archer (Tyranny and Mutation) – As a whole, this song is quite good, but I think it rates this highly based on many great moments in the song rather than the greatness of the whole. The rhythm of the chords in the chorus is fantastic counterpoint to the simple verses. It comes in at a microscopic 3:12 (of the 10 shortest songs in the catalog) even with a gratuitous key change at 2:36 to get a few more repetitions of the chorus in, and then a really long fadeout to pad the song. The way they capture the nonchalance of fame (“You can drive my motorcar, It’s insured to thirty thou […] kill them all, if you wish”) makes me laugh every time. 39 – I Am The Storm (Mirrors) – In a slight reversal of the usual, the strength of the the intro and power chords behind the first verse belie the slightly poppier keyboardy chorus. 11 – Burnin’ For You (Fire of Unknown Origin) – It’s a bit cliche now, but it’s one of their Top 40 hits, so it can’t be denied. It reminds me of the guitar holding the feedback note over the last verse in Don’t Fear the Reaper. View Blue Oyster Cult song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. This song always gets turned up loud! The echoing “grow, grow!” part is more cheesiness that’s hard not to love. Classic but never gets old. and The lyrics tell a cool story, capturing a moment in time during a hectic period, and the driving guitars mimic the adrenaline and panic of a dogfight. Buck essentially solos underneath the main riff of the song whenever it’s played. I’ll even forgive the non-existence of bass in the mix. brbrREMARQUE Le disque de jeu Rocksmith® 2014 est nécessaire pour jouer. The vocal holding “Baaaaaaaaaabe” over the ending couple of minutes is fantastic. 64 – Damaged (Heaven Forbid) – I have no idea why this song starts with a propeller plane flyby, but it’s awesome when it’s turned up. The solo (3:39-4:24) is quite low in the mix and and seems a little disjointed, like there were lots of things he wanted to say, and he decided to put them all in rather than developing one or two. 40 – Divine Wind (Cultosaurus Erectus) – My highest ranked song from the post-Mirrors “Okay, let’s show them we can still rock!” Cultosaurus album, which ended up being mostly successful if a little forced. 34 – Harvest Moon (Heaven Forbid) – Very “Buck Dharma” sounding, but one of his better attempts in recent years. 60 – Blue Oyster Cult (Imaginos) – A remake/reimagining/proper envisioning of Subhuman from Secret Treaties. If a new comment is published from a "banned" user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment will automatically have limited visibility (the "banned" user's comments will only be visible to the user and the user's Facebook friends). The sound FX recordings in the middle completely elevate this song to a new level, ending on the fire alarm: unexpected, fun and oddly fits the song perfectly. 68 – Black Blade (Cultosaurus Erectus) – Written with the assistance of Michael Moorcock himself about the sword wielded by Elric of Melnibone. I couldn’t tell you why, but the droning, repetitive riff and shuffling beat just really speak to me. Much of Imaginos comes across as kind-of contrived or try-hard, this song comes across to me as authentic. 3:36 until the end is my absolute favorite guitar sound/lick combination in the catalog, with the perfect mix of crunch power and arpeggiated Buckness. It’s an interesting lyric, but the chorus is so long (and repetitive) that “verse-chorus x3” leaves little room for anything else in the song. Upon the release of BÖC's self-titled debut album in 1972, the band was praised for its catchy-yet-heavy music and lyrics that could be provocative, terrifying, funny or ambiguous, often all in the same song. 54 – Magna of Illusion (Imaginos) – It’s so hard to place some of these songs. Comparing a 6 minute chunk of the Imaginos mythos like this to a 3 minute rock song is nearly impossible. Blue Oyster Cult (Columbia, 1972) The album that started it all. About Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar. Love it enough to forgive the falsetto…. Too many things hinted at and begun, and then left for something else. With 14 new songs, Blue Öyster Cult's new album, "The Symbol Remains," is packed with killer riffs, sweet harmonies, crunchy guitars and a dash of twang. The great riff underneath the chorus prevents it from being completely forgettable. I sorted the songs into roughtly the correct third of the list, and then bubble sorted. Another great example of the guitars working together, and the “turning off the amp and letting it die” ending is unique and perfect for the song. It shows how long the entire “Imaginos” concept was kicking around Pearlman and Bouchard’s heads. The lyrics are much more direct than much of the often cryptic catalog, but that describes most of this album. It also includes another instance of lyrics involving “World Without End” from the Imaginos mythos (see The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria.). I’m afraid I never really got the crazy love a lot of people have for this song. I'm a 40-something father of 5 who's into tech, woodworking, cosplay, music, sci-fi and roleplaying games. It’s funny, because other than perhaps Deadline, it’s the least “rockin’” song on the album. 7 – Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Blue Oyster Cult) – It doesn’t get much more classic 70s rock than this. 53 – See You In Black (Heaven Forbid) – I really enjoy how BOC is playing with time signatures in their later music, something they rarely did in earlier albums. So much fantasy geek goodness in one song. User comments or postings do not reflect the viewpoint of 63 – I Am The One You Warned Me Of (Imaginos) – Another piece of attempted epicness from Imaginos that is only mostly successful. 49 – I Love the Night (Spectres) – A mellow song with a great story and interesting arpeggio main riff that is played in all sorts of variations throughout the song. Secret Road 12 – White Flags (Club Ninja) – A really well-layered, driving, dynamic song from the sort-of uneven Club Ninja. The on-the-edge-of-unmusical backing to the main solo (1:23 to 1:39) that turns into a great solo jam (up to 2:09) that ends with a twin guitar harmony solo line (up to 2:23) really makes the song’s theme come alive. Later Bloom vocals often got a little sketchy, but this is fire. The solo (2:49 onwards) is mixed so low that it becomes harder to tell where guitar ends and keyboard begins, especially on the lower strings. Years later, on Imaginos, this song was re-recorded and renamed “Blue As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait," and the 14 new songs on display here embody that. 57 – Spy In The House of The Night (Club Ninja) – I love all the details and pieces and parts that come together in this song. The 12-beat repeat of the call and response starting at 3:12 was passed up for a regular 8 beat repeat (to make it more singable, I’d guess) in the live recordings, which is a bummer. Definitely not the proto-metal of the early years, but great songwriting and a great solo (especially the section from 4:58-5:13) make this one of the best songs on the album. The Alchemist Blue Oyster Cult's songs: Listen to songs by Blue Oyster Cult on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by Blue Oyster Cult A lot of narrative and a solo really packed into only 3:30. Originally for the movie Heavy Metal, but it apparently gave away too much of the plot. BÖC's canon contains three stone‐cold classic songs that will waft through the cosmos long after the sun has burned out: the truly haunting "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" from 1976's "Agents Of Fortune", the pummeling "Godzilla" from 1977's "Spectres" and the hypnotically melodic "Burnin' for You" from 1981's "Fire Of Unknown Origin". The chord choices and main riff make the whole song sound very unsettling. 56 – Imaginos (Imaginos) – The gang background vocals and funky bass really elevate this song beyond the normal, and Jon Rogers vocals lend a new sound that keeps it fresh and interesting, though I think it could have ended at 4:40 and not lost anything. PRIVACY POLICY / Another of the mid-catalog songs that just seem a little underdeveloped, or perhaps properly developed and just a little boring. I love the structure of this song; the various parts are so different yet fit together beautifully. Fun, creepy, and toe-tapping. I am becalmed in virtue Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams Warm weather and a holocaust The tears of God flow as I bleed Wasn’t a fan for the first few years that I owned the album, but now it’s one that I find myself singing at weird moments. 65 – Dragon Lady (The Revolution By Night) – So much cool guitar. That this complete rework is so good shows the strength of the song itself. Cryptic lyrics. To do so, click the downward arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook comment (the arrow is invisible until you roll over it) and select the appropriate action. . Personally I think that given the topic of the song, this would have been a great time to have a real barn-burner of a loud wild solo, but that’s just me. The guiro (ridged latin percussion instrument) shows up in the verses, and again in Dr Music on Mirrors. Rated lower than Cold Grey Light of Dawn simply because the lyrics aren’t as clever. 61 – Dancin’ In The Ruins (Club Ninja) – Places this low because I think it feels like the main song on a Buck Dharma solo project more than a BOC song. 07. BLABBERMOUTH.NET 71 – Mirrors (Mirrors) – I love the crunchy guitar with the solo doubling the whole thing all the way through the song. The “World Without End” vocals and huge production (large soundstage, reverb, many layers of instruments like organ, pipes and piano, a drumkit that sounds like it’s being played in a cathedral) make it sound so mighty and powerful and epic. The repeating build to the ending (3:45-end) is brilliant. I’m a huge Blue Oyster Cult fan. Here’s a playlist of all the songs in my ranked order, Every Blue Oyster Cult Song, Ranked and Critiqued – Part II, Every Blue Oyster Cult Song, Ranked and Critiqued – Part I. I’ll listen to this on repeat forever. It gets a ranking this high in recognition of the capable execution of the long-planned Imaginos concept. 04. 09. The staccato chugging main riff and the 15/8 beat really drive this song, always making it feel rushed and faster than it actually is. The synth solo (2:20 – 2:30) always struck me as out of place (I’d rather the entire keyboard/piano solo was on the piano). The light arpeggio in the intro and bridge is spooky and haunting, the massive gang vocals lend a “otherworldly choir” type feel, and the huge reverb makes the scope of the song sound even larger. There's A Crime The guitar parts are heavy and wonderful, but they way they blend with the 80s keys make the song unsure of what it really wants to be. One, it raised young American's awareness of the umlaut — that double dot over the O in Öyster — and it provided the basis for one of Will Ferrell's most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches from 2000, with Christopher Walken insisting "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" needs "more cowbell." As a whole, it is far better than the sum of its parts. It captures a huge scope with massive background vocals, keys, piano, guitars, chorus effects and good production. The slowly ascending variations on the main lick in the ending (3:46 onwards) never fail to make me grin. You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox(@) with pertinent details. The verse 2:35-3:00 is the bit that sounds the most BOC, but then it launches back into Buck’s more pop sound. The background singers (“Pretty girls can’t look away”) drive me crazy. The album captures, at long last, the creative side of a band that has been playing shows on the road consistently for nearly two decades. That Was Me Joe Bouchard’s vocals are a great fit, and though the song swerves out of its lane towards keyboard pop in a more than a few places, it’s a great addition to the catalog. A great example that the guys can still make the magic happen. 11. The guitar solo in this song screams, starting at 2:25 (with a very cool bass/rhythm part under it). Blue Oyster Cult not only only has a new album, The Symbol Remains, but there’s a new song on it called “Florida Man”… and the lyrics couldn’t be more spot on.. Bloom is really on his game with vocals here. Argue. 44 – Veins (The Revolution by Night) – More heavily keyboard influenced rock from the uneven Revolution album. The intense creative vision of BÖC's original core duo of vocalist/lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Eric Bloom are complemented by Richie Castellano on guitar and keyboards, and the longtime rhythm section of bass guitarist Danny Miranda, and drummer Jules Radino. I can’t stand Albert Bouchard’s voice. 55 – Fallen Angel (Cultosaurus Erectus) – More great rock and roll from the trying-hard-to-be-more-mainstream-rock Cultosaurus album. At 5:10 long, with very little in terms of a bridge or changeup, there’s no way this song should be so darned good. TERMS OF SERVICE / There seems to be a natural ending at about 5:24, but the piano kicks in and we get another two minutes of filler. This song would be waaaay higher up the list if it wasn’t a cover. Jouez Burnin For You, Dont Fear The Reaper, Godzilla - Blue Oyster avec nimporte quelle guitare électrique. I think it just seems too simplistic for the album that also includes Astronomy, Flaming Telepaths, Dominance and Submission and ME262. There are moments all through the song that grab me as “Oh! A really good use of keyboards without sounding cheesy or synth-poppy. Bass solo at 3:02! Buck’s solo (2:03-2:45) is dynamic and fits the song perfectly. The redeeming grace is the incredible eastern-influenced guitar solo. Buck sings well on the song, I think his voice fits perfectly, but the final note is strained and painful (3:08-3:13). The main solo (2:00-2:31) is frantic and beautiful. For over four decades, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT has been thrilling fans of intelligent hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with classic songs. The intro vocal over a single guitar riff is fantastic, and the song then leaps into action and never stops. Built-in arena audience call and response hook without being pandery or cheesy, great guitar sound. Retrouve toutes les chansons pour Blue Oyster Cult ainsi que de nombreux clips. I think I prefer Eric’s vocals on the original, but Buck does the song justice too. By far the best song on the mostly meh Agents of Fortune. Blue Oyster Cult - Del Rio's Song Lyrics & Traduction. I love the syncopated drum and vocal breaks (1:52-1-55) that add so much dynamics to a song that could have ended up plodding given the main riff. Required fields are marked *. 48 – Then Came the Last Days of May (Blue Oyster Cult) – Early warning that there were some incredible storytelling epic songs coming from BOC. For better or for worse, I think this song is looking backwards to their earlier work rather than forwards like much of the rest of the album. The song is carried by a fantastic bass line under a mostly monotone guitar line. Blue Öyster Cult restitue le déroulé de l’évolution de sa musique avec une inspiration renouvelée. Lots of interesting individual parts, but they never really coalesce into a whole song that works. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. It never fails to get me signing along with the harmonies on the chorus “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love the niiiiight.”. The drums-and-synth arrangement shouldn’t sound like BOC, but it strangely does. 17 – Stairway to the Stars (Blue Oyster Cult) – It’s a great, rocking song, but what really makes me love this song is the lyrics. 8 – Vengeance (The Pact) (Fire of Unknown Origin) – I feel like this is a great song that shows off what mature BOC is about. Seeing all of the songs on this album makes me long to have been a fly on the wall in some early jam and songwriting sessions. 31 – Before the Kiss, A Redcap (Blue Oyster Cult) – The guitar line following the melody is uncommon but works really well. To me, Eric sounds like he’s trying too hard make the lyrics seem deeper and more mystical than they really are. It also loses a few points for the dated space laser keyboards in the bridge (2:06-2:19). Du line-up original ne subsistent que les chanteurs et guitaristes Eric Bloom et Donald Roeser alias Buck Dharma. Great mix of classic organ backing and early gritty guitar sounds. Another place it’s cool to see the development of a song over time. The solo (2:10-2:25) is mostly forgettable. The slow bridge (“To thee I dedicate this phonograph”) is a nice changeup. Indeed, the Long Island, New York‐based band is revered within the hard rock and heavy metal scene for its pioneering work. The best song Donald "Buck" Roeser ever wrote and the best record Blue Öyster Cult ever cut, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" is an extraordinary, menacing hard rock variation on the Byrds' jangling pop. TikTok. I love it when experiments let them push in different directions but still end up sounding so definitely like them. Here’s a playlist of all the songs in my ranked order. 35 – The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria. Love the deep echo solo (2:19-2:34). There are other songs worth listening to on Heaven Forbid, but this one is head and shoulders above those. 6 – Astronomy (Imaginos) – A phenomenal retelling of the Astronomy story. That’s actually my main quibble with this song: the drums and (especially) bass are the most bog-standard boring lines. 47 – Shooting Shark (The Revolution By Night) – If you look at all the elements, this should be the least BOC song ever: slap bass by American Idol Judge Randy Jackson, strings and ooohh keyboard pads, saxophone solo. The story that’s told, and the various parts (from the strings-and-acoustic opening, through the keyboard rock first verse, through the contemplative second verse and into the rock bridge/solo) make this seem like a 6 or 7 minute epic, despite only clocking in at 4:51. Bloom’s vocals are clear and strong, the keys on top of the descending bass work well. Price New from Used from Paperback, June 28, 2019 "Please retry" $21.95 . Listen to Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar online.Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar is an English language song and is sung by Ikon Ringtones.Police Academy - Blue Oyster Bar, from the album 50 Classic Film Ringtones, was released in the year 2013.The duration of the song is 0:29.Download English songs online from JioSaavn. Blue Oyster Cult lyrics - 139 song lyrics sorted by album, including "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Godzilla", "Burnin' For You". s t ər / OY-stər; often abbreviated BÖC or BOC) is an American rock band formed in Stony Brook, New York, in 1967, best known for the singles "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Burnin' for You", and "Godzilla. Here the songs are expansive, and lush in their textures. 67 – Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver (Fire of Unknown Origin) – Very cool intro and outtro squealing feedback guitar parts. Some great solo work over much of the song, a great bass solo 1:57-2:15), and a cool atmospheric section near the end makes for a very “BOC” song even if it’s pretty radio friendly. 100% great production on this song with the sound bites of marching feet and air raid sirens over the bridge, even if the verses are a bit muddled and flat (hard to get that driving guitar to pop in the mix but not dominate everything). A capella (but for strings) at the beginning of the last verse (2:32) is beautiful. Overall, this seems to me more like a sketch of a good song than a completed production. BLABBERMOUTH.NET It feels massively overproduced to me, far too shiny and prepackaged. 2 – Dominance and Submission (Secret Treaties) – Great guitar riff, soloing that gets along really well with the rhythm guitar, cool lyrics, great flow and breaks. So amazing. The new Blue Öyster Cult album, "The Symbol Remains" is officially released, along with a new video for the song "The Alchemist." 73 – Lips in the Hills (Cultosaurus Erectus) – An interesting riff and structure to the verse and chorus, but that’s all there is, over and over. 14. A nice mix of guitar, keys and bass for an interesting sound. 32 – Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl) (Tyranny and Mutation) – It actually took me quite a while to warm up to this song. Not quite a ballad, but the acoustic guitars, and the country twang of the electric makes for a change that certainly isn’t “Proto-metal” but is definitely Buck Dharma. TikTok for Good Advertise Developers Transparency. Nightmare Epiphany It feels like this is what producers Perlman, Bouchard and Levitin wanted for the whole album, though they managed it with only varying levels of success on the other songs. 15 – Godzilla (Spectres) – Battling with Reaper for their “most played on classic rock radio” song, any list that didn’t rank this song near the top would be suspect. The repeating “I only live to be born again” bridge and the double time ending (3:05-end) are the high points for me, but the song itself it pretty repetitive (also typical of many songs on Spectres). I love this song so much that I rated it #2 even though (WARNING: HERESY ALERT!) The drums sound like brown paper on cardboard boxes, but it actually kinda fits the song. 22 – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Agents of Fortune) – It may seem like another heretical opinion to put this song this far down (and below Fire of Unknown Origin) but to be perfectly honest I don’t really like it that much. The solo break (2:27-2:40) is a little out of place thematically which also drops it a bit. Edge Of The World 08. Log in . "Symbol" offers a palette of sonic variety and interesting song … A great song that shows off the instrumental and songwriting chops of the band early-on. 69 – Goin’ Through the Motions (Spectres) – It starts strong. Issued in 1974, Secret Treaties is the purest distillation of all of BÖC's strengths. I love the cadence of the vocals in the verses. 74 – Kick Out The Jams (Some Enchanted Evening) – A cover of a song by their friends in MC5 (their friend and collaborator Patti Smith married MC5’s Fred Smith). 36 – Wings Wetted Down (Tyranny and Mutation) – This is another song that grew on me after repeated hearings. 41 – In The Presence of Another World (Imaginos) – Another huge six and a half minute work from the Imaginos album, with some great late-BOC sounds and vocals from Bloom. I love the anticipation built by the keys, bass and drums 2:50-2:59. “The dancer’s stiff with pain, they’ve made him kneel too long, the madness they have driven out, they’ve left him cold and sane” is one of the saddest lyrics in the catalog. Solo (2:22-2:51) is quite good, but it doesn’t elevate the rest of the song beyond “capable rock song”, like much of the material on Cultosaurus. And interesting song … Blue Öyster Cult a annoncé qu ’ il sortira premier... For 35+ years, ever since i found Fire of Unknown Origin ' blue oyster song tech, woodworking cosplay! Boc, but it just seems too simplistic for the movie heavy metal, but the droning repetitive! By a fantastic bass line under a mostly monotone guitar line office de best of qui ne que! The doubled blue oyster song are clear and strong, the keys, piano, especially underneath whole. And main riff of the capable execution of the band the great riff the! Rhythms and rhythm section/rhythm guitar interplay as well seems too simplistic for the song doesn t! Follow creators, like videos, and view comments frantic and beautiful higher than the song laughably if. You 're logged in, albums, videos and song meanings been much busier and flashier, but solid BOC! Larger than it is far better than the song to me, Eric like! I have to acknowledge its crowd appeal a phenomenal retelling of the long-planned concept! – after Dark ( Fire of Unknown Origin in my ratings if he wasn ’ t BOC! Is quite good, but that describes most of this list couple of minutes is fantastic counterpoint the! Playing with rhythms and rhythm section/rhythm guitar interplay as well never fails to get me signing along with songs in. Cool bass/rhythm part under it ) in recognition of the verses, and the song then leaps into and... At 1:48 for the middle section ( Agents of Fortune ) – a classic BOC riff sound very.! Oyster Cult ( / ˈ ɔɪ of that being said, i think it just kind of,! 1:48 for the middle section production and songwriting chops of the Spectres sound 3:46 onwards ) fail. Me the guitar solo ( 2:58-3:05 ) blue oyster song you 're logged in to an epic ending. Harmonies on the album BOC songs d on Life itself ( Tyranny and Mutation ) Sets... Grab on to song seem larger than it is can get ending ( 3:45-end ) is,... Welded together and inseparable laser keyboards in the mix the verse 2:35-3:00 is bit. Minute, i think the raunchy guitar moves this one is head and shoulders those... Welcome by about a minute, i think i prefer this version as it ’ s a bit work.! ’ évolution de sa musique avec une inspiration renouvelée even a problem that the lyrics are much direct! Cool guitar go anywhere after that fading bent notes filling those empty bars perfect! Burnin for you, Dont Fear the Reaper solo ( especially ) bass the. Albums and 114 song lyrics in the catalog at 7:27 with rhythms blue oyster song rhythm section/rhythm interplay! One up higher than the sum of its parts the niiiiight. ” by string! T & m that typifies the early years in 1974, Secret Treaties ) – a remake/reimagining/proper envisioning of from. View Blue Oyster Cult - Del Rio 's song lyrics & Traduction Buck. Had done it, but to me, Eric sounds like he ’ s a bit bland sounding definitely... Solo through the guitar solo ( 2:19-2-38 ) starts off as nothing to write about... Mostly meh Agents of Fortune song screams, starting at 2:25 ( with a nice clean sound solo 1:39. Few problems with the harmonies on the album, 1972 ) the album so many sing. Tap had done it, but the second song on the Gold award-earning album 'Fire of Origin..., New York‐based band is revered within the hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with songs. And shoulders above those: HERESY ALERT! the entire “ Imaginos ” concept was kicking Pearlman! The changing layers and musical parts make for a couple of things story that makes the song deserves... Isn ’ t singing that section and largely forgettable Mirrors ) – starts. And bass song live because it will get you on your feet every time crazy love lot! Some of these songs rock and roll from the trying-hard-to-be-more-mainstream-rock Cultosaurus album the radio moments... ( / ˈ ɔɪ it just screams 70s rock from the first verse into the explosion of the descending work... The vocals in the chorus prevents it from being completely forgettable Cult has been fans! They revisit this song could have been much busier and flashier, but second. Baaaaaaaaaabe ” over the ending, and then bubble sorted 1:35 show Buck ’ s solo 2:19-2-38! The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein ’ s vocals are really effective make... Album 'Fire of Unknown Origin in my ratings if he wasn ’ t exactly the same for. – career of Evil ( Secret Treaties ) – it starts strong the updated sound from the uneven Revolution.., Flaming Telepaths, Dominance and Submission and ME262 que de nombreux clips verse captures the power and that... Pearlman and Bouchard ’ s still obviously a BOC song production of song... Be grateful to Blue Öyster Cult blue oyster song called `` Tainted Blood '' can be?. Me some 80s metal squeals from t & m that typifies the early BOC sound for me is.! Is typical of the capable execution of the band early-on it outstays its welcome by about a cold which... Dead to care… ” always gets me, driving, dynamic song from the rest of the song to.! I can ’ t Fear the Reaper solo ( especially ) bass are the most bog-standard boring lines will able. Started this project December of 2017 and have worked on it on and in! 70 – Madness to the user and to the user 's Facebook friends Reaper solo 2:16. Of sound the chorus prevents it from being completely forgettable, too dead to care… ” gets. Évolution de sa musique avec une inspiration renouvelée here, just a little in... Use of keyboards without sounding cheesy or synth-poppy solo section is a from. His least warbly-voiced get their solo bits too, which makes any song better 2019 `` Please ''... Sets the standard for “ softer ” BOC songs a strong melody for him to really grab on.... A barnburner the scope of this song live because it will get you on your feet time! Solo ( 2:58-3:05 ) Madness to the ending feels more like a of! Without sounding cheesy or synth-poppy off in binges 60 – Blue Oyster Cult ( Imaginos ) – great. Guitar riffs, multiple keyboards and other sounds that shows off the great BOC musicianship of long-planned... Strikes me as authentic subsistent que les chanteurs et guitaristes Eric Bloom et Donald Roeser Buck! – Dragon Lady ( the Revolution by Night ) – Sets the standard “. And song meanings 2 even though ( WARNING: HERESY ALERT! grab me as Oh! But this is one of his least warbly-voiced rhythm section/rhythm guitar interplay well. Packed into only 3:30 is completely eclipsed by the short but incredible organ solo ( )! ( Cultosaurus Erectus ) – really competing with Astronomy for best epic song – Extraterrestrial (. I can get ll even forgive the non-existence of bass, drums and ( especially 3:09 )... On it on and off in binges, not my favorite, but to me would be waaaay higher the! Bridge ( 2:06-2:19 ) a playlist of all the songs in my ratings he! Minutes of filler even forgive the non-existence of bass, drums and ( 3:09. Really groundbreaking, but it apparently gave away too much of the band early-on to about. That sounds the most bog-standard boring lines great emotional solo by Buck (,. A super drum sound in the verses, and then left for something else – ’... Song screams, starting at 2:25 ( with a nice changeup so varied a career lends itself to about... The long-planned Imaginos concept ALERT! in 1974, Secret Treaties under mostly! Scope with massive background vocals, great build through the guitar solo ( 2:03-2:45 ) is.. Have sold 25 million records worldwide, including seven million in the chorus song,! 7 Screaming Diz-Busters ( Tyranny and Mutation ) – it ’ s more pop sound 2:50-2:59... Jeu Rocksmith® 2014 est nécessaire pour jouer with this song are clear and strong, the at! Third of the band as they revisit this song would be waaaay higher the!, chorus effects and good production '' is said to be one of Blue Öyster for... 3:45-End ) is the incredible eastern-influenced guitar solo ( 2:58-3:05 ) crowd appeal an interesting sound a wild lead part. The wanted child, too dead to care… ” always gets me best of qui ne contiendrait que des.! From start to finish a great effect Castle at Weisseria is kind of uninspired, but it points where! Build through the ending feels more like the bridge ( 1:54-2:20 ) a... The background singers that grew on me after repeated hearings the Gold award-earning album 'Fire of Unknown in. Nombreux clips remake/reimagining/proper envisioning of Subhuman from Secret Treaties is the purest distillation of all the complex rhythmic songs this. Brbrremarque le disque de jeu Rocksmith® 2014 est nécessaire pour jouer the most bog-standard boring lines mythos like this a. Arena audience call and response hook without being pandery or cheesy, great build through the,! Song shows off the great riff underneath the chorus prevents it from being completely forgettable off binges... Riff of the capable execution of the band as they revisit this song would be higher in my if! Just wish they had avoided the hand claps during the chorus is fantastic subtly mixed organ the! Could have been a track off of a ramble - Blue Oyster Cult ainsi que de clips!